What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis, known as MS, is a neurological disorder. It occurs due to damage to nerves. It is about a protective sheath(Myelin sheat) disorder. At the places where the sheath receives damage, hardened tissues(Sclerosis) exist. These hardened tissues may form many places in the nervous system. As a result, they can prevent conveying messages through the nerves healthily.

Why does Multiple Sclerosis occur?

There is a lot of scientific research about MS. However, the exact reason behind it is still a mystery. Some researchers claim that the reason for MS is an unknown virus. On the other hand, some researchers say that it is an auto-immune condition. To this theory, the body itself causes MS to form. Moreover, because the conveying nerves are damaged, the body cannot protect itself against viruses.

Who is prone to have MS?

Firstly, MS is not a fatal disease. Furthermore, it is not contagious. However, there are some situations that make people more prone to have MS. For example, people with nerve-related disabilities are more prone to have MS.
MS is not a hereditary disease. However, there is little possibility of having MS if people from your relatives have it too.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?
What is Multiple Sclerosis?

What are the symptoms of Multiple sclerosis?

The first symptoms of the disease appear in the first days. The effects of symptoms may go up and down. The severity of the disease may change from person to person. Symptoms are different according to the affected nerve system area.
Besides these facts tingling, numbness, lack of sense, weakness in the arms, legs are the prevalent symptoms.

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Approximately 2/3 of the patients’ first symptoms appear in their 20-40 s. However, this may not be the case for every patient. According to the research, women are 2/3 times more prone to have MS.

To sum up, MS(Multiple Sclerosis) is a nerve-related disease. Moreover, to receive true treatment, early and right diagnosis is crucial.

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