What is Amnesia? Learn everything about it

You may wonder what is Amnesia. Let’s learn everything about it. Amnesia( Amnestic Syndrome) is a kind of a loss of memory. People who have Amnesia have a problem with remembering, learning new things. Unlike generally thought, people with Amnesia are aware of who they are. This condition doesn’t generally affect muscle health. A little memory loss is a normal effect of aging. However, in Amnesia loss of memory is severe. 

How many types does Amnesia have?

Amnesia has different sub-types. Each of them has some symptoms of their own. Types of Amnesia can be:

  • Transient global Amnesia
  • Infancy / Childhood Amnesia
  • Retrograde Amnesia
  • Anterograde Amnesia

Besides these differences, the general symptom of Amnesia is the loss of memory.

Why does Amnesia happen? What is Amnesia? Learn everything about it

There are many reasons that affect the formation of Amnesia. These can be:

  • Trauma and stress

Severe trauma and stress dissociative may cause Amnesia. In this Amnesia people don’t want to remember they’re bad memories. Moreover, they tend to forget the thing that they couldn’t overcome. Also, brain-related traumas like a tumor, stroke, or infection may cause permanent Amnesia.

  • Dementia What is Amnesia? Learn everything about it

Comes with aging, dementia is the loss of newly transformed memory. It changes related to age. As a result, Dementia may occur at different ages and in different severity. 

  • Damage in hippocampus

Hippocampus is the part of the brain that responsible for memory. t has a function like remembering complex things when necessary. However, if the hippocampus can not receive enough oxygen, cells can not function. As a result, a problem in memory formation may occur.

What is Amnesia? Learn everything about it
What is Amnesia? Learn everything about it

Ways of treatment for Amnesia

Like any other disease, early diagnosis is crucial. Otherwise, Amnesia can get severe and it will make its treatment much harder. In the diagnosis of Amnesia true examination carries huge importance. Furthermore, with a blood test, infections, or any vitamin and mineral deficiency can be found. Thanks to technology, people with Amnesia can maintain their lives more easily.

To sum up, Amnesia is a brain and nerve-related disease. It causes generally loss of memory. In Amnesia early diagnosis is crucial for treatment. 

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