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Nurse Practitioner Defined

How to become a Nurse Practitioner? How Much Nurse Practitioner Salary?

  • Registered Nurse
  • Masteral Degree Holder or (MSN) Master’s of Science in Nursing Holder
  • Specialization
  • Passionate for the Job

When choosing to become a Nurse Practitioner, one must be a registered nurse, which means he or she will have to pass the licensure exam for nurses. Along with that, he or she must have a Masteral degree attainment. There is a need to emphasize that the one must be a master’s degree holder that has undergone clinical advancement training as well as educational advancement.  While you are working for your master’s degree, you can decide which field to specialize in.  Just like physicians, there are numerous specialties that Nurse Practitioners can venture in. Aside from that, he or she must have the passion, desire, compassion and heart for caring for different kinds of people in different walks of life with ages that varies.

Nurse Practitioners Career Description (Nurse Practitioner Salary)

As mentioned earlier, Nurse Practitioners functions just like physicians. However, the task or the duties may vary depending on the location that the Nurse Practitioner conducts his or her practice. Also, depending on the specialization that they choose to have, the following are the general duties that the Nurse Practitioners are responsible for such as:

  • Assessment :Under these duties, the Nurse Practitioners can get medical histories, conduct physical examinations, perform examinations such as visual, hearing and cancer examinations, and identify the possible risk at hand.
  • Diagnosing Procedure : The Nurse Practitioners can command for diagnostic examinations which are patient appropriate and he or she can evaluate the results of the assessment as well as the examinations conducted.
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Patient Care Plan Management :

  •  The Nurse Practitioners are responsible for understanding the collected information with regards to the needs of the community or the family of the patient inflicted with the disease condition. Be able to engage into the specific patient specific care plan which includes pharmacological prescriptions. Give the necessary health care teaching, be able to do referrals, which is called for. As needed to the appropriate persons or institutions, adjustment of the patient’s care plan to be able to reach the optimum goals of health care.

What are the Specialties that a Nurse Practitioner can have?

A Nurse Practitioner can choose the following field of specialties:

  • Oncology Nursing
  • Acute Care Nursing
  • Adult Nursing
  • Community or Public Health Nursing
  • Family Nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Home Health Nursing
  • Occupational Health Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Parish Nursing
  • Occupational Health Nursing
  • Neonatal Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Women’s Health Nursing
  • Emergency Nursing
  • Urology Nursing
  • Pulmonary  and Respiratory Nursing
  • Endocrinology Nursing
  • Hematology Nursing
  • Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Gastroenterology Nursing
  • Neurology Nursing
  • Orthopedic Nursing
  • Sports Medicine Nursing
  • Dermatology Nursing
  • Nurse Anesthesiologist

They also have the luxury to have open practice by themselves or with a fellow group of Nurse Practitioners. If for instance, they opt to stay in their chosen field. They have the benefit of earning a huge salary and additional responsibilities as time passes by.

Benefits of Nurse Practitioners

When one opts to become a Nurse Practitioner, they are offered a stable job. In addition to that, they have various options with regards to the location, responsibility level and schedules. It is also a rewarding kind of job for with this kind of job they are able to affect others life which are in dire need of abetment.  Aside from that, it can be satisfying as you undergo specialized field and have management and leadership roles. In addition to that, they offer an interesting compensation.

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Nurse Practitioners Salary?

Depending on the location, specialization the average income of a Nurse Practitioner is about $70,000 up to $120,000 annually. Which is based in the AANP’s 2011 survey for Nurse Practitioner Compensation.  The more specialized and the location of where the Nurse Practitioner opts to work will greatly affect their annual salary. For instance, if the Nurse Practitioner works at an urban civilization, he or she expects to have a higher wage compared to the Nurse Practitioner who works at a rural area.

This happens simply because, there is a higher demand since many people will choose to go to clinics and hospital which are located at the urban region. Hence, the urban Nurse Practitioners are much busier compared to rural Nurse Practitioners.

One should only consider being a Nurse Practitioner if and only if they are genuinely love to help other people, are passionate with caring for others as well as making a difference out of others lives. If you consider yourself to have attention to detail which is excellent, hard working, are able to analyze data effectively and efficiently with addition to cues in behavior, then this is an option viable for you.

Nurse Practitioner Salary

With the increase demand of healthcare system, there is also a growing appeal of primary care at a high quality standard. The hottest and most abundant primary care providers nowadays are the nurse practitioners, who functions just like a physician. They are the expanded profession in the field of nursing that offers a complete and one of kind mélange of medicine and nursing. They independently work or collaborate side by side with Physicians. There is an increase calling of the professionals who have nurse practitioners degree because of the fewer physicians that enters the family practice field. Hence, this proves to be the optimum solution for that kind of scenario.  

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