The makeup makes us see really beautiful, with flawless skin and full of life. But it is true that the skin is not affected and remain healthy and radiant all the skin care every day is critical to remove the makeup and moisturize properly. Focusing on the task of removing facial makeup in this article we present some of the most valuable natural products to perform this action as olive oil.

It is a good tool to clean the skin while the repair solution, hydrates and maintains his youth. See, then, how to remove your makeup with olive oil.

Instructions (Remove Makeup)

Use olive oil as a natural cleansing is very beneficial to the skin tissue. Pay attention to the following steps to remove all traces of makeup from the face.

To remove makeup with olive oil, use the cotton pads that are specific to it. We can find in any supermarket or perfume. First, pour a few drops of olive oil on the cotton pad.

Now, pass the cotton pad on the skin starting from the forehead area and go down through the cheekbones. It is important to stress, especially in the eyebrows and nostrils. Lets end the eye area.

We always remove makeup with circular and smooth movements without pressing the cotton against the skin and avoid damage. If you notice that with cotton is not enough or is too wet, do not hesitate to use a new makeup remover to finish the face properly.

For eye makeup remover and protect the sensitive skin in this area, a good option is to create a mixture of olive oil infused with thyme, or a base of olive oil and chamomile. Both are very effective in removing all traces of mascara, eyeliner, shadow and will also help to reduce inflammation of bags and dark circles. Just prepare the tea and let it cool. Then, soak a cotton ball, add a few drops of olive oil and ready.

Finally, rinse the face with lukewarm water and then you can apply a gel cleanser and continue with your regular skin care routine.

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