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During the first two weeks of pregnancy you will probably be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to start measuring your pregnancy week by week. Most women begin calculating their pregnancy weeks as soon as they make the decision to conceive. During 1 week pregnant and 2 weeks pregnant you will begin experiencing the joy that creating life entails!

Within our pregnancy week-by-week articles you’ll find comprehensive information about your pregnancy week and the changes occurring in your body and with your baby. During each week we’ll take you step by step through the changes that your body and your baby is undergoing.

During 1 week pregnant and 2 weeks pregnant you’ll experience rapid hormonal fluctuations. You may conceive but won’t realize you are pregnant until pregnancy week 4 or beyond. During pregnancy weeks one and two most women have few symptoms. It is during this time the body gears up for ovulation and conception by producing progesterone and estrogen in just the right amounts to encourage your ovaries to release an egg. If conception occurs your partners sperm will fertilize the egg and the egg will travel up your fallopian tubes to the uterus, its home for the next 38 weeks.

During 1 week pregnant and 2 weeks pregnant you will not experience any signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Some women will however experience some bloating or mild cramping. Cramping in the lower abdomen localized on one side or the other may be a sign that ovulation is occurring, is about to occur or has just occurred. Other signs that ovulation is imminent include increased fertile cervical mucous, which typically appears as clear, slippery and stretchy mucous. Many describe the consistency of fertile cervical mucous as like egg whites.