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Breast milk is golden for babies. Because breast milk, whose benefits do not end with counting, can easily meet all the nutritional elements that babies need. Breast milk protects your baby who has not yet strengthened immune system against diseases. While breast milk has such an important place, the question of how do I support the quality and quantity of my milk may come to mind of every mother. The answer is actually quite simple: pay attention to the foods you consume and the supplements you take. Because the foods and supplements that mothers consume during breastfeeding affect the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Which Foods Should You Consume During Breastfeeding For Breast Milk?

Mother should;

  • Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Consume plenty of starchy foods such as rice and potatoes in order to get energy. Because energy is very important for mothers to produce milk.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least two liters.
  • Take care to eat foods such as beans and chickpeas. Because these foods are rich in protein.
  • Take care to eat vegetables and fruits.
  • Consume foods rich in iron such as lean meat, fish, chicken and eggs. Because these foods are the best absorbed foods in the body, it is very important to consume these foods.
  • Consume dried fruits and dried nuts at snacks.

    Vegetables & Fruits
    Vegetables & Fruits

Foods That Breastfeeding Mothers Should Not Consume

Mothers should;

  • Avoid carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Alcohol should never be consumed.
  • Not consume oranges and tangerines. Although these fruits are rich in vitamin C, they can affect the digestive system due to the amount of acid they contain. This can cause side effects such as gas and bloating.
  • Should avoid cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower as much as possible. Because these foods have the ability to make gas.
  • Should not consume too much delicatessen products such as hot dogs, sausages and salami.
  • Stay away from saturated and trans fats.
  • Not consume foods with additives.
  • Prefer frozen and ready meals.
  • Stay away from excessively spicy foods. Because these spices consumed by the mother can be passed to babies with breast milk. This situation causes the baby to be uncomfortable. It may even show effects such as stomach pain and vomiting in the baby.
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