Our Reviewer Says … “If you’re a dieter looking to see immediate results, you’ll be easily frustrated. However, if you’re looking to change how you think about food, this program could give you better, long-term results that will stick with you for a lifetime.” At a Glance The Complete BeckRead More →

  At a Glance This trendy way of losing weight is fairly simple: Instead of eating normal meals and snacks throughout the day, dieters are encouraged to substitute some — or all of them — with baby food. The rules on how many times a day you should eat baby food vary dependingRead More →

Our Reviewer Says  “If you love meat, you’ll enjoy the diet, as long as you can stay interested in it. At a Glance Eat meat, lose weight? That’s the basic principle behind the Atkins Diet. On it, you won’t be counting calories: Instead, the focus is on consuming fewer gramsRead More →

Our Reviewer Says “Overlook the diet’s grandiose claim of flattening your stomach in six weeks (something highly unlikely to happen in such a short amount of time) … and you have a weight-loss winner.” At a Glance When the original Abs Diet debuted, it was geared toward men. Now DavidRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “This is one of the few weight loss plans for men, and there’s little to criticize about this diet.” At a Glance If you’ve been on a quest for flat abs, the male-centric Abs Diet may be the solution. This diet promises to flatten your stomach in six weeks, allowing you toRead More →