Running your first marathon? You’re probably filled with all kinds of questions as the race-date approaches. Check out this essential list of tips from running guru Jeff Galloway, author of ‘Marathon: You Can Do It!’ 1. Rehearse it. If possible, run one or more of your long runs on the actual raceRead More →

In a recent AOL poll, we asked our readers to tell us what their least favorite body parts were. The overwhelming answer? “My belly!” But the concern over a flabby belly is more serious than simply not looking good in a bathing suit. Researchers are finding that abdominal fat leads to higher risks of heartRead More →

Fashion-worthy legs are gorgeous from every angle, from the front thigh (quadriceps) and the back thigh (hamstrings) to the inner and outer thighs and the calves. That doesn’t mean that you have to work out each and every one of these muscle groups with a specific exercise; in fact, you’reRead More →

When was the last time you jumped rope? If it was when you were eight years old, it’s time to update your notion of jumping rope. Why? When used for fitness gains, this workout is anything but child’s play! In fact, learn the basics, and you could soon find yourselfRead More →

If you want to maximize your workouts and bump up your calorie burn, add interval training to your fitness program. Interval training simply means alternating the intensity during a workout between hard and easier periods, using either speed or hills to bump up the intensity. Incorporate these tips into your workouts aRead More →

Knee injuries are more prominent in women, with factors such as wider hips and hormonal fluctuations contributing to the fact that they suffer nearly twice the number of problems as men. Fortunately, weak knees aren’t every woman’s destiny. According to Brian Halpern, M.D., associate clinical instructor of sports medicine at WeillRead More →

If your workout could use some variety, indoor cycling might be just the change you need. Regular spinning incinerates calories, increases stamina, and helps develop toned, sexy legs. Check out our need-to-know guide to start spinning your way to major health gains — and a tighter body. Getting Started Checklist Cost: Ranges widely.Read More →

The largest muscle in your body (as if anyone had to tell you) is your gluteus maximus, emphasis on the maximus. This, the granddaddy of all muscles, spans both butt cheeks and goes into full operation mode anytime you move from standing to sitting or press from a bent kneeRead More →

If you’re looking to switch up your fitness routine while toning your entire body, dancing may be just the workout for you. One of the best ways to burn off excess body fat is by taking a regular turn around the dance floor. Just ask Emmet Smith, winner of ABC’s smash hit,Read More →

Technology keeps track of your daily schedule, stores your music collection and keeps you in constant communication with the important people in your life. So when you mount your bike, strap on your running shoes or hit the gym, why should it be any different? A wealth of new interactiveRead More →