Our Reviewer Says … “Those who hate to give up certain foods may find the Zone worth the effort, since nothing is deemed totally off limits.” At a Glance Most diets ask you subtract calories or fat from your meals, but with the Zone Diet, the key to losing weight startsRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “The bulk of the book spends it’s time offering a plethora of information that most diet manuals on the market don’t, such as explanations on how your body reacts to what you eat, the different types of fat your body stores, how hormones play into yourRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “With variety, simplicity and a lot of flexibility, it’s easy to understand why dieters lose weight on this plan — if only because they can stick to it!” At a Glance Weight Watchers has become a powerful force on the diet scene, bringing millions of people aroundRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “This religion-infused program teaches dieters to eat less, then tries to help them work through the personal issues in their life that may be causing them to overeat through faith. The book defers to a variety of Bible passages to teach and inspire readers about whyRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “This diet is good for people who are willing to make big changes and completely overhaul their kitchens” At a Glance A medical doctor and researcher Mark Hyman, M.D., claims each body uses nutrients differently to awaken fat-burning genes. During his medical training, Hyman’s energy and mood swungRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “If you want to boost your fitness level and you’re willing to make some hard-core dietary changes, you can lose weight on this diet …” At a Glance A follow up to David Kirsch’s blockbuster ‘The Ultimate New York Body Plan,’ which was born out of his experience asRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “Here’s a diet book that doesn’t promise quick fixes but helps you stay accountable for newfound eating patterns by encouraging food journaling and choosing important reasons for wanting to lose weight healthfully. Hallelujah!” At a Glance Dr. Louis J. Aronne, who practices at the Comprehensive Weight Control ProgramRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “By eliminating both refined foods and sugar from your diet-which is the entire premise of Sugar Busters!-dieters will definitely lose weight, plus trigger less insulin surges, which is what the body releases in response to higher amounts of sugar.” At a Glance If there’s one pointRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “While there are some drawbacks to this diet, it’s an overall healthy approach to eating higher quality meals.” At a Glance The South Beach Diet hit bookshelves back in 2003 and continues to be one of the most popular diets on the market today. The plan first gainedRead More →

Our Reviewer Says … “This is the perfect diet for foodies and wannabe cooks, particularly if they lean toward the highest quality ingredients.” At a Glance Dubbed the “Western Hemisphere’s Mediterranean Diet,” the Sonoma plan takes a lifestyle approach to weight loss, emphasizing food selection (what you eat), food combination (what yourRead More →